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KWA 2015 National Championships Results

Posted on: 11/05/2015

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On Sunday May 3rd 2014, Pei Lei Wushu Association and NSW Chin Woo Association members competed in the KWA National Championship at Ryde Community Sports Centre in Sydney. Congratulations to everyone, especially all the first-time competitors for their excellent showing in the competition. Full results from Pei Lei & Chin Woo competitors below:


Pei Lei Wushu Association – Silver

NSW Chin Woo Association – Bronze


Northern Style (Male – Child)

Izaac Teng – Gold

Bevis Huang – Silver

Danial Tang – Bronze

Northern Style (Female – Child)

Sonia Hui – Gold

Northern Style (Male – Junior)

Vasillis Argyridakis – Gold

Northern Style (Female – Junior)

Renata Konya – Gold

Nicole Xian – Silver

Northern Style (Male – Youth)

Zhengjun Qin – Gold

Hui Qin – Silver

Other Style (Male – Adult)

Mars Yu – Bronze

Short Weapon (Female – Child)

Renata Konya – Gold

Short Weapon (Male – Adult)

Mars Yu – Gold

Long Weapon (Male – Junior)

Tim Wu – Gold


Changquan (Male – Junior)

Christopher Ban – Silver

William Luu – Silver 

Tim Wu – Bronze

Chanquan (Male – Youth)

Terence Wu – Gold

Nanquan (Female – Adult)

Yi Ru Pua – Gold

Nandao (Female – Adult)

Yi Ru Pua – Gold

Gunshu (Male – Junior)

Christopher Ban – Silver

Jianshu (Female – Youth)

Tanya Wu – Gold


Traditional Yang Style (Male – Adult)

Mitchell Brown – Gold

Traditional Yang Style (Female – Adult)

Krista Brennan – Gold

Traditional Yang Style (Female – Senior)

Anne Lee – Bronze

Traditional Chen Style (Male – Senior)

Adam Chen – Gold

New Yang Style Competition Routine (Female – Senior)

Hsiu-Lin Liu – Silver

New Chen Style Competition Routine (Male – Senior)

Desmong Chung – Gold

Traditional Yang Sword (Male – Adult)

Mitchell Brown – Gold

Traditional Yang Sword (Female – Adult)

Krista Brennan – Gold

Traditional Yang Sword (Female – Senior)

Jenny Tong – Silver

Traditional Other Weapon (Male – Senior)

Desmond Chung – Gold

KWA 2015 National Championships

Posted on: 17/03/2015

The KWA National Championships will be hosted in Sydney this year on Sunday May 3, 2015 at Ryde Community Centre.

The National Championship will showcase the following in a one day event – Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wushu, Controlled Contact Sparring and Sanda Full Contact Sparring.

Congratulations to Master Alice Dong

Posted on: 26/02/2015

The Chinese Wushu Duan-Wei System is the official system implemented by the Chinese Wushu Association to overall evaluate and recognise the levels of Wushu practitioners. The first Oceania Wushu Duan-Wei Grading Course and Exam organised by Kung Fu Wushu Australia and Chinese Wushu Association was successfully held in Australia. This has signified a milestone achievement for the development of Chinese wushu in Australia.

The Chinese Wushu Association has paid highly attention to this Duan-Wei Grading Course and Exam by sending an official delegation led by Mr Kang Ge Wu of Wushu 9th Duan and head-in-charge of the Chinese Wushu Duan-Wei System, companying with the following five wushu experts to conduct the training course and judging of the exam:

Ms Zhang Yu-Ping, Wushu 8th Duan; Mr Zhao You-Bin, a famous Yang Taiji Master and Wushu 8th Duan; Mr Sa Jun-Jie, son of the late famous Xing-Yi and Ba-Gua Master Sa Guo Zheng, and Mr Kang Tao, a disciple of the famous Chen Taiji Master Chen Zheng-Lei.

A total of 31 wushu practitioners from various regions of Australia participated in the grading course and exam.


Master Alice Dong, who is the President of the Pei-Lei Chinese Wushu Centre and also the fifth lineage holder of traditional Yang Taiji, has achieved the Wushu 8th Duan.

Alice said that she was very grateful to accept this honour, as it is a big recognition and acknowledgement for her progressive contribution to the development of Chinese wushu culture. She has confidence to continue her effort to prosper Chinese wushu culture in Australia. She was excited to have met the famous Yang Master Zhao You-Bin. Master Zhao came to Sydney for the Yang Taiji teaching and net-working activity after the duan-wei grading course and exam. Students of the Pei-Lei Wushu Centre had an opportunity to meet and to discuss with Master Zhao on taiji topics while having dinner together.


All wushu lovers around the world would have the same aims in making friendship, promoting unification, learning from each other and inheriting the traditional Chinese wushu culture. No matter where we are, we always belong to a big taiji family.

The Pei-Lei Chinese Wushu Centre has been established in Australia for 20 years. The Centre has trained students with excellent achievements in many National and International Championships with many medal awards from gold to bronze. The Center has also made an excellent contribution to the continuing development of Chinese Wushu by successfully training up wushu judges and coaches.

New Classes for 2015

Posted on: 22/01/2015

We hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Year break. Classes will be resuming 27th January 2015 per the new Timetable. There have been a number of changes to the timetable this year, so please check it out before we resume.

1) New beginner Tai Chi class on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am to 11:00 am starting from 11th February 2015, held at St Philip’s Anglican Church in Eastwood.

2) New beginner Tai Chi Sword on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am to 10:00 am from 31/01/2015,  held at Carlingford Don Moore Community Centre.

3) Chen Tai Chi Practical on Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm from 27th January 2015,  held at Carlingford Don Moore Community Centre.


Join us in celebrating 20 years of Pei Lei Wushu!

Posted on: 23/11/2014

This year marks the 20 years since the establishment of the Pei-Pei Wushu Association. To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we will be showcasing Tai Chi and Wushu performances as part of our Open Day, an end-of-year event for the school. We look forward to welcoming all our students (past and present), family and friends of students, and community members to join in the celebration, along with invited Chin Woo Masters.

The day would provide a fantastic opportunity to catch up with students and friends from other classes, and see how they have improved over the year in their learning and training. It’s also going to be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the Pei-Lei Wushu Center to the community.

Wilkins Public School
Park Road, Marrickville

Time and Date:
2:00 pm Sunday 30/11/2014

Entry Cost:

0414 281 098 (Alice)

UCLA study finds tai chi reduces inflammation in breast cancer survivors

Posted on: 14/11/2014




Pei Lei Wushu success at the 2014 World Traditional Wushu Championships

Posted on: 12/11/2014

A big welcome back and congratulations to Pei Lei Wushu members who joined the Australian team for the 6th World Traditional Wushu Championships and 1st World Taijiquan Championships in China. 

At the World Traditionals, Pei Lei Wushu picked up two Silver medals and four Bronze in individual events and also received eight bronze medals for the group event.

While no medals were received at the World Taijiquan Championships, great performances were put on by Krista Brennan, Eleanor Kolossovski, Kazimir Kolossovski and Mitchell Brown.



Jimmy Chew – Bronze, Group E Yang Taijiquan

Daniel Cheung – Silver, Group D Taiji Apparatus (Yang Sword)

Daniel Cheung – Bronze, Group D Bajiquan/Baguazhang/Xingyiquan (Baguazhang)

Cheryl Toi – Bronze, Group D Yang Taijiquan

Eugenia Ngau – Bronze, Group D Nanquan/Traditional Apparatus (Seven Star Sword)

Mitchell Brown – Silver, Group C Yang Taijiquan

Group Event – Bronze, Yang Taijiquan (Jimmy Chew, Daniel Cheung, Cheryl Toi, Kazimir Kolossovski, Eleanor Kolossovski, Krista Brennan, Desmond Chung, Mitchell Brown)



New Beginner Tai Chi Class

Posted on: 05/10/2014

There will be a new Carlingford location for Tai Chi classes on Saturday mornings 11:30 am To 12:30 starting soon!

Currently they are scheduled to start on the 25th of October 2014 at Don Moore Community Centre. For more details please see the timetable page.

Gold Medals for NSW Chin Woo in 2014 World Chin Woo Championship

Posted on: 14/09/2014


The 13th World Chin Woo Martial Arts and Culture Festival (organised by the Shanghai Chin Woo Federation), which included wushu, calligraphy, dragon and lion dance competitions, was successfully held from August 15 to 18 at the Shanghai Hong-Kou Chin Woo Sport Stadium. During the Festival, joint conference of Presidents of World Chin Woo and a workshop for Chin Woo descendants were also held.

The event organiser has invited a great grandson of Huo Yuan-Jia, grandchildren of Nong Jin-Sun, descendants of Chen Gong-Zhe and several previous famous wushu champions of the Shanghai Chin Woo Association to reunite in Shanghai for the celebration of this World Chin Woo event.

This great event was attended by athletes from 15 countries, such as USA, Australia, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Swiss, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc., and from the great China regions such as Hong Kong, Tianjin and Shanghai with a total of over 400 participants from 32 Chin Woo Associations. The Australian Chin Woo Team of 20 members led by Alice Dong, three team coaches (masters Wilson Chan, Chen Zhi-Cheng and Boun Lee), and students from the Pei-lei Wushu and Da-Hung Kung-fu Academy attended the event and achieved outstanding results with a total of 4 gold, 4 silvers and 4 bronze medals for the individual wushu and dual sparing competitions.

The NSW Chin Woo Association will be organising a special dinner function to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the team in this World Chin Woo Championship.

Please visit the NSW Chin Woo website for further details. Contact: Alice 0414281098.

KWA Nationals 2014 Results

Posted on: 15/05/2014


On Sunday May 4th 2014, Pei Lei Wushu Association members competed in the KWA National Championship at Monash University in Melbourne. Congratulations to everyone for their excellent showing in the competition. We brought home 6 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals for individual Tai Chi, 7 Gold medals for the group Tai Chi team and 4 Gold medals for Wushu/Kung-Fu.

Tai Chi:
Daniel Cheung – Gold (Other Straight Sword, Senior Male)
Kazimir Kolossovski – Bronze (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male), Gold (Other Straight Sword, Adult Male)
Eleanor Kolossovski – Silver (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Female), Gold (Other Straight Sword, Adult Female)
Mars Yu – Silver (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male)
Adam Chen – Gold (Chen Tai Chi, Senior Male)
Krista Brennan – Bronze (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Female), Silver (Other Weapon – Broadsword, Adult Female)
Mitchell Brown – Gold (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male), Gold (Other Weapon – Broadsword, Adult Male)
Steve Heard, Adam Chen, Mars Yu, Cheryl Toi, Jimmy Chew, Ruby Leung, Jenny Tong – Gold (Group Tai Chi)

Derek Quan – Gold (Chang Quan, Adult Male)
Pamela Litton – Gold (Chang Quan, Adult Female)
Eugenia Ngau – Gold (Short Weapon – Seven Star Sword, Adult Female)
Adam Chen – Gold (Short Weapon – Seven Star Sword, Male Senior)

Special thanks also to Master Alice and Ben Ng for serving as officials and judges on the day!