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Introducing Pei Lei Push Hands Club!

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Introducing Pei Lei Push Hands Club!

On Sunday April 2nd, we will be starting a weekly Taiji Push Hands group at the Baulkham Hills venue. This will be an open training group for Pei Lei Wushu students to develop their skills in Push Hands and Taiji applications in a safe, supportive, friendly and most of all, fun, environment.

We will be training both Fixed Step and Moving Step. It is an opportunity for people to deepen their understanding of the Taiji forms and experiment practically with different training partners. This will also be great chance for anyone competing in the TCAA Push Hands event to get valuable practice before the competition. Push Hands events are becoming more common in competitions internationally and was included recently at the KWA National Championships in Perth.

This will be more of a group training session than an instructor-led class, but with supervision provided by instructors Ben, Krista and Mitch. Each class, we will warm-up with co-operative Yang drills before moving into “open” training. If you’ve never done this sort of thing before, you can be eased into it!

Cost of each weekly session will be $10-12 (depending on turnout) to help cover the venue fees.

The group will start at 10:30am at Studio@104, Baulkham Hills Stockland Mall. Access is via the ground level car park, Row S. If you are attending, please wear soft-soled shoes to avoid damaging the sprung floor of the studio. If you want to practice competitive Moving Step Push Hands, we also suggest a mouth and groin guard for safety. While there will be no intentional striking or kicks to those areas, far better to be safe than sore and sorry!

If you are interested in joining in please get in touch.

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