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Over 20 years teaching Tai Chi & Wushu in Sydney

Who We Are

History and overview of Pei Lei Wushu Association

Pei Lei Wushu Association provides training in the traditional martial arts of Wushu and Tai Chi. The teaching of Yang Style Tai Chi is a primary focus of the school to ensure the continuation of the art by future generations. The school promotes Wushu and Tai Chi as sports, and actively supports and participates in local, national and international competitions.

The school was founded by Master Alice Bei Dong, former member of the esteemed professional Shanghai Wushu Team and 5th Generation Disciple of Yang-style Tai Chi by way of renowned Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen. Over its 20+ year history, Master Alice has led her students to numerous national international competitions including the World Traditional Wushu Championships, World Wushu Championships, International Wushu Grand Festival, World Chin Woo Athletic Association Championships and World Taijiquan Championships. Students have performed at numerous Sydney festivals and events, as well as Cairns, Dubbo and New Zealand.

Along with this focus on competitive achievement, the Pei Lei Wushu Association works to promote the health and lifestyle benefits of Chinese martial arts, with classes to suit all age and fitness levels. Chinese martial arts build strength, flexibility, posture, circulation and mental health. Tai Chi in particular, is a proven method to battle the effects of arthritis, Parkinson’s and other ailments.

Pei Lei Wushu Association and its instructors are dedicated to providing authentic martial arts training, cultivating both the civil (physical and mental health) and martial (self-defence) aspects of Wushu and Tai Chi. Master Alice and her instructors work tirelessly to advance their students’ skills and abilities in a family-like environment and are fully insured and accredited with Kung Fu Wushu Australia.

For over 20 years, Pei Lei Wushu has been dedicated to promoting Chinese martial arts culture in Australia. Tai Chi and Wushu are China’s gift to the world and we are proud to share these traditions with all.
— Master Alice Bei Dong

Master Alice Bei Dong

Headmaster & Founder, Pei Lei Wushu Association

Master Alice Bei Dong

Alice Bei Dong, a respected Wushu coach from Shanghai, China, is the founder of the Pei Lei Wushu Association in Sydney, Australia. She has been awarded 8th Dan by the Wushu Association in China and is an accredited International Wushu Judge and generational teacher of Yang-style Tai Chi.

Alice began her martial arts training at an early age and graduated from the Shanghai Technical College of Sports. Some of her distinguished teachers and instructors included Li Fu Mei, Guo Pei and Ding Jing You. As a member and team leader of the professional Shanghai Wushu Team, she competed in many Chinese National tournaments and won numerous awards, including the title of Champion for Tai Chi Sword.

Master Alice with Grandmaster Fu Zhongwen

Thanks to her skill and accomplishments in Tai Chi and Wushu, Alice was chosen to study under the famous and highly respected Grand Master Fu Zhong Wen, the 4th generation successor of Yang Style Tai Chi. Under his tutelage, she developed an even higher proficiency in Yang Tai Chi and became officially recognised as a generational teacher, carrying on the lineage of the traditional Yang style as developed by founder Yang Luchan. Alice Dong remains dedicated to Grandmaster Fu’s vision of spreading Tai Chi to the entire world.

Master Alice coached for several years in Japan where she established the first branch of the Pei Lei Chinese Wushu Association. Under her dedicated coaching many of her Japanese students were awarded medals in various Wushu Championships. Upon migrating to Australia with her family, Master Alice founded the Pei Lei Wushu Association, one of the oldest Tai Chi and Wushu schools in Australia, training national and international champions in a broad range of Chinese martial arts disciplines.

Master Alice has contributed greatly to the promotion of Tai Chi and Wushu in Australia. Master Alice has coached and managed Australia’s international competitive teams on numerous occasions, is a senior member of Kung Fu Wushu Australia and President of the NSW Chin Woo Athletic Association. Apart from teaching in her school, she has taught Wushu classes for the North Sydney Girls High School and Tai Chi classes for staff of the Sydney State Library. She has helped the Sydney Parkinson’s Association for several years as a volunteer, teaching Tai Chi to sufferers of Parkinson’s disease.