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Gold Medals for NSW Chin Woo in 2014 World Chin Woo Championship

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Gold Medals for NSW Chin Woo in 2014 World Chin Woo Championship


The 13th World Chin Woo Martial Arts and Culture Festival (organised by the Shanghai Chin Woo Federation), which included wushu, calligraphy, dragon and lion dance competitions, was successfully held from August 15 to 18 at the Shanghai Hong-Kou Chin Woo Sport Stadium. During the Festival, joint conference of Presidents of World Chin Woo and a workshop for Chin Woo descendants were also held.

The event organiser has invited a great grandson of Huo Yuan-Jia, grandchildren of Nong Jin-Sun, descendants of Chen Gong-Zhe and several previous famous wushu champions of the Shanghai Chin Woo Association to reunite in Shanghai for the celebration of this World Chin Woo event.

This great event was attended by athletes from 15 countries, such as USA, Australia, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Swiss, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc., and from the great China regions such as Hong Kong, Tianjin and Shanghai with a total of over 400 participants from 32 Chin Woo Associations. The Australian Chin Woo Team of 20 members led by Alice Dong, three team coaches (masters Wilson Chan, Chen Zhi-Cheng and Boun Lee), and students from the Pei-lei Wushu and Da-Hung Kung-fu Academy attended the event and achieved outstanding results with a total of 4 gold, 4 silvers and 4 bronze medals for the individual wushu and dual sparing competitions.

The NSW Chin Woo Association will be organising a special dinner function to celebrate the outstanding achievements of the team in this World Chin Woo Championship.

Please visit the NSW Chin Woo website for further details. Contact: Alice 0414281098.

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