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Congratulations to Stephen Heard

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Congratulations to Stephen Heard

2012 Outstanding Athlete Award from the KWA

Stephen Heard has had an outstanding year and produced excellent results. As a traditional tai chi practioner, he competed in the 2012 World Traditional Wushu Championships in China and won two golds and one bronze medal. This followed on from his success at the 2012 Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships where he won two gold and one silver medal. With many years of experience, Stephen performs with grace and determination no matter what the circumstances.

Here’s what Steve had to say:

I originally started Tai Chi because I had a busy and stressful job and I thought Tai Chi would help keep my stress levels down. I soon realised how much Tai Chi helped me, in fact it changed my whole way of life. It made me a more calm and patient person and also made me feel fit and energetic and able to deal better with life’s up and downs. I am extremely passionate about Tai Chi and am looking forward to spending all my life improving myself as a practitioner and instructor.


Master Alice Dong is very proud of her student and hopes that Stephen will continue to practice Tai Chi for health as well as for his own improvement. We hope that he will serve as an inspiration for others who will also want to achieve such excellent results.

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