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Congratulations to Master Alice Dong

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Congratulations to Master Alice Dong

The Chinese Wushu Duan-Wei System is the official system implemented by the Chinese Wushu Association to overall evaluate and recognise the levels of Wushu practitioners. The first Oceania Wushu Duan-Wei Grading Course and Exam organised by Kung Fu Wushu Australia and Chinese Wushu Association was successfully held in Australia. This has signified a milestone achievement for the development of Chinese wushu in Australia.

The Chinese Wushu Association has paid highly attention to this Duan-Wei Grading Course and Exam by sending an official delegation led by Mr Kang Ge Wu of Wushu 9th Duan and head-in-charge of the Chinese Wushu Duan-Wei System, companying with the following five wushu experts to conduct the training course and judging of the exam:

Ms Zhang Yu-Ping, Wushu 8th Duan; Mr Zhao You-Bin, a famous Yang Taiji Master and Wushu 8th Duan; Mr Sa Jun-Jie, son of the late famous Xing-Yi and Ba-Gua Master Sa Guo Zheng, and Mr Kang Tao, a disciple of the famous Chen Taiji Master Chen Zheng-Lei.

A total of 31 wushu practitioners from various regions of Australia participated in the grading course and exam.


Master Alice Dong, who is the President of the Pei-Lei Chinese Wushu Centre and also the fifth lineage holder of traditional Yang Taiji, has achieved the Wushu 8th Duan.

Alice said that she was very grateful to accept this honour, as it is a big recognition and acknowledgement for her progressive contribution to the development of Chinese wushu culture. She has confidence to continue her effort to prosper Chinese wushu culture in Australia. She was excited to have met the famous Yang Master Zhao You-Bin. Master Zhao came to Sydney for the Yang Taiji teaching and net-working activity after the duan-wei grading course and exam. Students of the Pei-Lei Wushu Centre had an opportunity to meet and to discuss with Master Zhao on taiji topics while having dinner together.


All wushu lovers around the world would have the same aims in making friendship, promoting unification, learning from each other and inheriting the traditional Chinese wushu culture. No matter where we are, we always belong to a big taiji family.

The Pei-Lei Chinese Wushu Centre has been established in Australia for 20 years. The Centre has trained students with excellent achievements in many National and International Championships with many medal awards from gold to bronze. The Center has also made an excellent contribution to the continuing development of Chinese Wushu by successfully training up wushu judges and coaches.

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