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KWA Nationals 2014 Results

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KWA Nationals 2014 Results


On Sunday May 4th 2014, Pei Lei Wushu Association members competed in the KWA National Championship at Monash University in Melbourne. Congratulations to everyone for their excellent showing in the competition. We brought home 6 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals for individual Tai Chi, 7 Gold medals for the group Tai Chi team and 4 Gold medals for Wushu/Kung-Fu.

Tai Chi:
Daniel Cheung – Gold (Other Straight Sword, Senior Male)
Kazimir Kolossovski – Bronze (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male), Gold (Other Straight Sword, Adult Male)
Eleanor Kolossovski – Silver (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Female), Gold (Other Straight Sword, Adult Female)
Mars Yu – Silver (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male)
Adam Chen – Gold (Chen Tai Chi, Senior Male)
Krista Brennan – Bronze (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Female), Silver (Other Weapon – Broadsword, Adult Female)
Mitchell Brown – Gold (Yang Tai Chi, Adult Male), Gold (Other Weapon – Broadsword, Adult Male)
Steve Heard, Adam Chen, Mars Yu, Cheryl Toi, Jimmy Chew, Ruby Leung, Jenny Tong – Gold (Group Tai Chi)

Derek Quan – Gold (Chang Quan, Adult Male)
Pamela Litton – Gold (Chang Quan, Adult Female)
Eugenia Ngau – Gold (Short Weapon – Seven Star Sword, Adult Female)
Adam Chen – Gold (Short Weapon – Seven Star Sword, Male Senior)

Special thanks also to Master Alice and Ben Ng for serving as officials and judges on the day!

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